Heavenly Fatheri cry out Your name

by Maria Laura (Italy)

Heavenly Father

I have called out Your Name numerous times .These last years have been bad to worse .Just when I think there can’t be nothing worse , something comes up and it’s a nightmare of nightmares.I have offered to You all my spiritual work , all my efforts to be the gentle kind human being that pleases You,in forgiving those who have wronged me I have asked them forgiveness instead .Just to please You .i have purged all hatred , all resentment from my heart .i am gentle and humble to all living beings .
But please put an immediate end to our suffering and our dire economic conditions.We have lost everything in the recession, but just when we hope for the better , we have been robbed , deceived and ruined by another business that turned out a scam .It comes to bring us down in times where we are so low .
Please God , Divine Light , My Heavenly Stronghold, my sweet Father, please make us sell this business immediately before its too late .Give us this chance .Please do not abandon your child .

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