Heavenly father please heal my mind, body, and soul from this mess.

by Jacola T (Tennessee)

Lord, I come too you as your child always does in the time of need. I need to be healed for this stress, depression and anxiety.

Father, I can’t sleep, eat or concentrate to long.
I’m irritable, angry, frustrated and confused.
I’m trying my hardest lord to continue to raise my kids as single parent to the best of my knowledge lord as I have for 17 years.

God I know that I’m not perfect, but I try hard to do my best. I can not keep a job because of my condition there for we a limited to little to no money. It’s hard for me to focus in school, and to keep happy with my children, because they do not understand how much I need a helping hand around the house, further more family and friends to talk too. I’m uncomfortable in the church house because I feel people are staring me down. Lord place your hand on your child father, please take the pain away lord. One minute I’m fine and think I can manage and the next I don’t know where to turn and I’m crying. I need you to send me strength and comfort father. In Jesus name. Amen!!

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  1. Healing

    Please release your stress, depression, & anxiety. Let go of the works of the devil. God is good & nothing about Him is bad. God is not about confusion. Believe in everything that God has told you in the verses of the bible. You have to transform your way of thinking in order to get your blessings because faith, trust, obedience, & understanding who God is, is necessary to get into the kingdom of Heaven & to live a Christian life. If you can’t sleep, eat, concentrate for long, & you know that your irritable, angry, frustrated, and confused; then you have to eliminate those factors from your life immediately through prayer & rebuking what plagues you. Your pleasing the devil & not fully leaning on God. When we pray to God about our issues, its how we give it all to God. Once we give it to God, that’s where that issues remains. We can’t get up from prayer & continue to relive the situations or get sad again. When we do that, we’re not having faith in our prayer or in God. You said that “one minute I’m fine & think I can manage and the next I don’t know where to turn and I’m crying.” I have to tell you to always turn to God. Make it mandatory. Cry out to God & don’t cry over confusion. You’ll never find compassion, forgiveness, mercy, love, grace, or a friend in anyone else. God is your answer to all your problems. Remember that God works in His own timing & not ours. Remember that everyone battles temptations, trials, & tribulations. Being a single parent is not a easy task. I can understand your concerns but ask God to be your husband & father to your kids because He is already your Comforter, Provided, Savior, Redeemer, & 1 True King. Children are blessings from God no matter the circumstances & you have to keep happy with your kids & raise them in the direction of Christ. Pray that God will speak to them & open their hearts since they don’t understand that you need help around the house. If your future is a product of your schooling then you should focus in school. This could be the will of God for you. Ask God into your heart. For real & no kidding. You have to have no bitterness or hate towards others. You have to repent daily & have forgiveness of all people. You have to eliminate self pity & have faith. Once you feel the Holy Spirit within you, nothing can detour you, but now your being detoured by your negative thoughts. Being detoured allows you to feel uncomfortable in church because you feel that people are staring you down. Church is a house of worship & not confusion. Go to God about it all. God so loved the world that He gave His only Son for all of us. God Loves you.
    Dear Lord, please reach down & grab hold of Your Child. Please speak to her, encourage her, comfort her & fill her with positiveness. God please allow her to know Your will for her & allow her to hear Your voice over all others. Please rescue her from her thoughts & redeem her life. God please heal her mind, body, & soul. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray & say Amen.

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