heavenly Father please bring my husband home from his affair

by Dina (Florida)

I ask of all who see this to please pray for the healing and reconsiliation of my marriage. Dear Lord I pray to you and implore of you to please turn my husband of 24 yrs (28 together) away from his 23 yr old mistress. He just turned 45 and has just told me he does not love me anymore. We are highschool sweethearts and have been happy for most of our marriage. We have had problems of course and never being able to have children has been hard but we always come through our problems stronger than before. I pray to our Father in heaven, our Lord Jesus Christ , St. Jude , our blessed Mother Mary and all of the Angels and Saints to please blind my Husband Justin to any feelings he has for this girl Brittany and remove her from his life and our marriage. I pray to all of you to please bring him back home to me so we can heal and restore our marriage and be happy together as one again. I pray for all marriages in trouble that they may be blessed and happy once again. My husband is a good man but has lost his way. I love and miss my husband,my best friend and life partner. Please bring him back to me soon. Thank you, Amen.

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