Heavenly Father, I’m here with you on today

by Hailey (Tennessee)

Heavenly Father, I’m here with you on today to ask for hope and your forgiveness . Father I have did a lot things I regret in my pass but I’m here to ask for forgiveness for all my sins and hopefully you forgive them. I really need you today I need you to help me and give me hope father God.I need you to give hope that everything I see going to be ok and I have nothing to worry about.Heavenly Father fill my body up with light your light father help.I just want you to see the best in me like I do in people. I know I can be stronger and wiser I just need a lot of guidance but I know I have you to hold on to.Father I just wanna thank you for being here when I need you the most and Father I need you right here right now. I’m hurt because of some news I just got. Father I know it’s now time to give myself away for you to use me.Here I am Father with my life in your hands.I would love to see your desires you reveal in me. In your name Amen .

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