Heavenly father I Maria pray for guidance and strength

by M (Texas)

Heavenly father I Maria pray for guidance and strength in this difficult time of need that I have. I have been married for 8 years and have 3 children. My marriage has had many ups and downs in unhealthy situations. My heart aches and W the man I am married too needs help. He is sick and needs healing because his illness creates at times a chemical imbalance and the results aren’t good or healthy (abusive). I am tired because I feel like I can’t handle him anymore and I am getting depressed, panic attacks and can’t even concentrate at work, I have consulted an attorney because I feel separation is the best solution to have a healthy environment for our children. Guide me Father God you know whats in my heart Lord and I trust you. I pray on his behalf Father that you Guide W to also do what is right and best for the family for him to seek counseling please to help himself and to be healed completely. For us to amicably separate and that maybe one day we can move forward under the same roof but heavenly father too much damage has been done to me. I feel broken and lost and its affecting my health. I need you father because I feel broken and I need my health and to function at work to support my family. Please pray I can focus at work and be at my best. I pray for my health and emotional strength t have solutions that will be best for the family. Heavenly father guide W to get help please in Jesus name Amen. Father God guide me as I have initiated Divorce to do what is right for my family. All honor and glory to you Jesus through you and St. Jude the saint of trials and tribulations. AMEN