Heavenly Father Hear my Heart’s cry

by Loriefel A. Masalta (Dubai UAE)

Dear GOD, I have lots of desires in life not for my own happiness but to my whole family as well and you know that. Now, your overflowing blessings came and i don’t know which one i have to pick up. I wish to see my son, i miss him so much. I leave him with my moms care when he was 6 mos.

Every time i talk to him on phone its likes he knows me well. When he called me mama, it touches my heart so deeply. I wanted to see him GOD, to hug him, play and care for him even a short period of time. I need to work far for his bright future and for my family. Please light up my mind and show me the right decision oh GOD..

Your plans is better than mine…I love you GOD and i know YOU will never leave me in pain..All these things i asked in the name of Jesus Christ our savior and with the intercession of mama Mary. Amen.

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