Heavenly Father Bring My Grandbabies Home

Heavenly Father, I’m asking for prays to bring my grandbabies home with me and family members that love and miss them .Cps medical kidnapped my grandbabies and now there being abused in foster care .I have done everything I was told to do, and passed every time. Denying me saying I was in contact with my grandson when he was hurt and I wasn’t

and I have proof.And statement from a medical bone specialist that it’s a Medibolic
Bone Disease and not Abuse and my daughter is in prison for something that she did not do. And still being denied I’m on a fixed income and can’t afford a lawyer So I’m
fighting this all on my own and with the Lords help Now my grandbabies will be adopted out so cps can profit from them and I will never see them again I pray all the time. Please God bring my grandbabies home. I have appeals coming up so I beg everyone too please pray for my grandbabies to come home. It’s been 2 years and I can sleep or eat I miss them soo much It’s as if they ripped my heart out and left me lying there to die. I know the good lord up above is with me or I would not of made it this far. God is great PLEASE I NEED PRAYERS