Heartbroken God i ask you to remove this pain from my heart

by Casundra (Union SC)

God i ask you to remove this pain from my heart. The person i loved the most has abandoned me once again and gave me no reason to why. The tears wont stop and its this wound in my heart that is piercing through my soul.

God i ask you to watch over him for me and keep me in his thoughts. I ask you to show him my worth and all the love i had for him. I ask you to protect him from his thoughts or any storm he maybe witnessing at this very moment.

God guide us back into each othEr arms. God while you work on him for me . I need you to give me the courage to let go and be happy during this process. Bring us back to one another with joy, commitment, loyalty, love, honestly, happiness, and seeing each others worth and to never let go again.

Thank you God for understanding my love like no other. In Jesus name I pray