by Amelia ()

I recently caught my boyfriend of 3.5 years cheating. And, as much as I want to block him from my life I haven’t. He wants to make me feel like I caused the cheating. I’m usually a very strong person but I feel so broken. I don’t know how to move forward and know that his mean and hurtful words are the pain he feels and not the truth. I just want to let him go and move forward so I can have peace. And I want to forgive myself for allowing such a mean person to come into my life. I thought I could change him and for a while he was pretty amazing but eventually his true colors came out. However he wants to make me feel like I caused all the pain and anguish in the relationship. He’s caused so much division in my family. Specifically with my daughter. And I need prayers to help me get through this heartbreak.

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