Heartache, Constructive Mind, and Financial Hope

by Child Of God (New York, NY, U.S.A)

Lord, I am deeply depressed and seek refuge through your healing hand. My body is weak even though I am only 27.

My body numbs and debilitates in an alarming way that to the extent in which is interrupting my progress and process of cleansing and rebirth. Please alleviate and cure me of whatever it is that is halting my ability to succeed as a born-again man in your light. I am poor and have not a dollar to offer as a seed of donation.

But, if you grant me this miracle I believe is possible you will have once again restored my faith thus encouraging me to continue on the path you set before me.

Forgive me for not guarding my body as the divine temple u created and allow me to become a productive member of this physical realm I know I can help reform, inspire, and motivate through my works of high praise and noble commentary. I love u and will always accept you as my guardian of salvation and eternal friend. In Jesus name I pray,


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