Heart Broken & Devastated, Lord be with me

by LIZ (USA)

Dear God,

Please help me to reconcile my marriage with my husband. Help us find our way back to each other and love, honor, and respect each other unconditionally. Please help us not allow any negativitly affect our marriage or come in between us. Give us the strength and courage to put each other first before all else in this world. help us understand each other as we once did before we allowed the negativity and others come in between us and our love for each other. Let us have another chance at a successful happy marriage and not break the vows of matrimony that we made to each other in front of you that faithful day. Please heal our hearts and minds of the pain and destruction we have caused each other and you during our marriage. Please God shed some light on us and help us reunite and turn to each other as husband and wife should.

Please remind my husband of how much I love him and please send him a message of love for me to reassure him of how much I love him. Let him see my pure thoughts and intentions no matter how much we have both let each other down during this.
Please forgive us God.

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