Hear Us Oh Lord , As We Lift Our Prayers Up To You!

(Victorville, Ca)

Dear Father, I beseech you in your heavenly realm, to hear our prayers, for our families to be brought together, through Your Sacred Son Jesus. Thank you for our lives, and all you have given us, especially our desire to be close to you. Please Father, I ask that all who write their prayers, and speak them will feel you, and be comforted by Your Holy Spirit. We need you so, as the battle between good and evil, is so apparent in this world. But it is written, and spoken that You alone will triumph, and Wash away our Tears. We Believe you. Shower us with Your Mercies, and lift us into Your Divine Presence. Put in us A Burning Desire, To Live, Love, and Forgive One Another, As You Have Done For us. Help Us Bear Sweet Fruit Of Your Works, so That All will Draw Near, And Know That You Love us Beyond All Comprehention, and we Live In You, And you In Us. Oh Father, Thank You For Your Answers To Our Prayers Now And Forever More!

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