Hear my prayers for healing and protection.

My Jesus please heal this family and protect us from evil.

Heal my grandson from epilepsy. Please keep him seizure free forever and let him be respectful, have self control of his behavior. Let him someday not to have to take medication. Please let him grow to be a good man, loving, kind and always to love YOU, honor YOU and have Faith. God Bless V and all who suffer from epilepsy.

Heal my son J. and all who suffer from any addictions alcohol, drugs ect. Let him be completely healed and be the good man he should be. Let he and his wife be Blessed with the baby she is pregnant with. May they be loving parents and to eachother. Please let the baby be healthy and beautiful in spirit and Beautiful self.

Heal my daughter. Let her know right from wrong and make better choices. Let her be the good mother she should be with love, kindness and patience. God Bless her health mentally and physically and please Bless all who are in domestic violence relationships.

Please Bless all my family and friends. Bless our lives, health (my mamogram to be normal),and our spirits.

Keep us free and safe from evil. Bless our Bodies, our souls and spirits. Bless our home.

Bless my husband with good health, my marriage, my parents with good health as they are older. Help me to be patient, loving, caring, healthy mentally and physically to raise the babies I have been Blessed with.

Finally Lord, Bless the whole world with Love and Peace.

In Jesus name I pray.


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