Hear my prayer,need someone to lean on.

by Rsp (San Antonio,Bear)

At one time I’ve cried,when no one could here me,a single mom of 3 children ages 3,2,1yrs.old.i was 21yrs old.at that time.and he answered my prayers.i have someone who loves me and our children,took good care of us made sure we have what we need.hard worker,gave us a home.i have been bless.now we have 3,grandchildren the some ages,we are proud to be called grandma,grandpa.we have always been able to help family in time of need,open our door to them,as needed.but now we’re the ones who need help.the past 4months been a struggle,unable to pay our debt month by month,it’s pay CPs bill,or have food for the next payday.or just not enough to pay our home.we have no one to ask for help,I’ve have always thank god for my blessings,but now I pray for strength,and relieve,i pray can overcome the struggles.that we manage month by month,we can always have our home for our family.

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