Hear my Prayer, Lord!

by GEA (Elp)

Dear Lord,

Thank you Lord for all your blessings. I am here so desperately in need of your help. I am going through a trial and tribulation and feel so depress and worried. I ask you help my relationship with my Godchildren stay strong despite their mother and how our relationship is. I got tired of how she treats me and decided to treat her the same way but I know it is not good because I know it is not right. Please forgive this sinner and I don’t have patience. Help the loan I applied for be approved to be able to get back on my feet. Help me find a teaching job. Help me be a better person and continue to help others as I always have. Please watch over my family, especially my nephew HH and niece-MH, and God-children. Let them always keep me close to their hearts. Thank you for listening and for your blessings. I Love you GOD!!

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