Hear my Cry Heavenly Father

by Carol (Johannesburg)

My Heavenly Father and only remaining father, I come before your throne and humble myself.

I am not perfect and I ask for you to pardon my sins. I have prayed before but not wholeheartedly, and today I come before your presence asking you to look down upon me and hear my cry. For 11 years I have wondered to various lengths but now I come before you and beg you to wipe the tears on my face. Father God in this month I pray for my miracle twins a boy and girl. No medicine has done it but I know in you all things are possible. I cancel the spirit of miscarriage which took my last joy 2 years ago and took my left Fallopian tube and cover the twins you are going to bless me with in the blood of Jesus Christ who died so you could forgive me of my sins.

Destroy any spiritual ties which are inhibiting my womb from carrying my children. Shame the devil and show your presence in my life.

I humbly beg you to hear my cry Father and pray my testimony will be written here 9 months from now.


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