Hear God as to direction for myself

Please, I work in a place where there are 28 employees, and only 3 of us know God, the majority think, really think they are God and one of them is telling God is an alien.

Need to hear the direction as to where God wants me to move to another job or what to do. My boss is very evil and demonic, and yes I pray everyday. She is very rude, she talks to me as if I am a nobody. I have has this all my life, why Lord? Why?.

Please make this stop, She tell me that I am dumb and crazy and all the negative things you could think of but she also know that I need my job. I am the only income in my house. Have prayed about a husband/companion/. I am getting older and I just don’t know what to think anymore. Need to have surgery on my feet, I am in a lot of pain.

Have a heart issue. Please, please pray for me. I would really like to retire but I am not hearing from Father God. Am a great cook. Need a certain amount of income to retire and I don’t understand. Feel very lonely and separated from everyone. I have my eyes on the Lord. Asking my Lord for a debt free home. God Bless, please pray for me. Thank you