Healthy body mind and soul and prosperity to buy our own home

by Angelina (Can)

Heavenly Father thru your son Jesus I come to you for forgiveness on not being a good Stewart of the money you gave us. I pray I can get it back and learn to use it wisely. Give me wisdom Jesus. I pray father also that I could tap into the money you have given your entire world and get enough to buy our own home. A home that is full of your Holy Spirit. A home we can use to let others enjoy a place where all can come and feel your presence. A place they can feel loved cared for and whatever their needs. A home with an oasis for the backyard. A place of peace and meditation. I can’t do it without your help Jesus. Please send all your guardian angels and saints to be with me and my husband guiding us and protecting us keeping evil away from us so we do no harm to ourselves or others. Thank you Jesus. Please put your arms around. Take care of our 3 sons their wives and 9 grandkids. Keep them healthy happy and full of your spirit. Please Jesys keep evil away from them so they do no harm to themselves or others. Amen. Jesus please let us tap into your money. It is your and no one else. Let us use it for your honour and glory. Father we have felt lost since we had to sell our home 7 years ago. Give us wisdom Lord Jesus. I am asking for 7,154,000.00. I am seeking for it. Help me seek for it according to your Holy Will. Help me find the right door to knock on. Please send our guardian angels. Also all your guardian angels and saints from heaven to walk along side of us. Heal us Jesus of all our ailments. Make us whole in body mind and soul amen. I love you all brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you for your prayers God bless you all in return. Amen.

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