Health,work boss is vindictive, children,

by Ruth Pomales ()

Please pray for my husband health to get better., pray for my childrens health and aspirations, pray for me for my strength at work with so much evilness going on, they envy me including my boss bc i am a good worker and i receive no credit nor a raise because they dont like me for no reason, im quiet i dont play or gossip at work, i go to work to be productive and they cant handle that..they try to corrupt me, but they cant, and thats including the higher up people as well, my manager has it in for me, please pray for me and for them, i have the armour of god with me, they will not win..pray and rebuke the devils and demons that try to attack me and family..amen thank you in jeses’ name. Lord remove mr mcdonald from that position he is a bully and vindictive he is evil..and i know we must pray for him as well..but lord this man boss gives me panic attacks lord help me to be strong around this manager and to function around him without being scared and worried please lord help me..remove him lord or myself for i need my peace of mind and he is making sure i dont have it..please lord bless me and help me please god
In addition i got blessed and offered a better job elsewhere, more income smaller setting..and im happy estatic about it, just waiting on approvals from the higher ups, lord thank you, place your hand on me, help me with my emotional, verbal physical anger..bring me peace lord and god bless this job offer to go through for me so that i can have peace of mind and better opportunities thank you lord, thank you..bless me my family and everyone on this earth..lord i love you..thank you so much. Also god protect and bless my boys and grandson give them understanding and guide them, stay with them, please lord. Amen

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