by Sandra ()

I am standing in the need of prayers for everyone in this world including myself. We need prayers from A to Z. Prayers are always needed for knowing GOD or SALVATION IN CHRIST for everyone in this world(all of us). Prayers are needed for restoring & healing a lot of broken relationships starting with GOD because of sin in our lives to be confessed & repented of or if no longer an issue along with HIS INTERVENTION because NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD (then our loved ones, our friends, and also with others)-broken relationships. Prayers are needed for healing in all areas of our lives according to HIS WILL, PLAN & PURPOSE in our lives, HE wants us to be reconciled with HIM & others too, if possible regarding to us people and that is through FORGIVENESS IN HIS STRENGTH. I have an appointment with a physician today and I am a little apprehensive but I am trusting GOD for all the results or outcomes, it has been long overdue for a health checkup and I am a middle-aged woman of 60(just turned). HE IS THE GREAT PHYSICIAN & AND ALL THAT & A LOT OF LOVE. Please pray for all of those who are LOST or getting caught up in the culture that we are living in to come back to GOD and for those are struggling in their faith or fighting many battles against the enemy of our souls to LET GOD FIGHT ALL OUR BATTLES FOR US & THAT IS THROUGH PRAYERS & SOMETIMES FASTING & INTERCEDING FOR ONE ANOTHER AS HIS WORD SAYS & AND IS(TRUTH & POWERFUL)because HE IS POWERFUL(ALL). Prayers for the children, parents, and teachers this school year that GOD watches over them all and order their steps according to HIS WILL, PLAN & PURPOSE-through believing & submitting to HIM. Prayers for all of our law enforcement because we do have some men & women in blue that GOD has called to serve HIM and they are doing their job the best way they can through HIM guiding & directing them. Prayers for all our military personnel here in our own country and around the globe. Prayers for all families, youth, people of every walk of lives, and many others especially those who are broken & hurting in many ways(that is all of us-at times)that they allow GOD to HEAL & HELP THEM(HE WILL). Prayers for all the persecuted churches around the globe and persecution that we(the church have to experience due to the fact of who LOVES US & LEADS US)-that is GOD. HE IS OUR HOPE & OUR STRENGTH(ONLY) especially in days that we are now living in until JESUS comes back again to get things right and calls us home or take us back HOME to HEAVEN with HIM forever because ETERNITY IS FOREVER whether it is up or down(HEAVEN OR HELL). GOD made HELL for the devil& his demons and not for us(humans)we gotta make a choice which path to take, HE gives us free will BUT HE(GOD) wants all of us in HEAVEN or paradise with HIM and not in HELL with the devil and his demons or evil angels. GOD LOVES ALL OF US-everyone, we gotta make a choice. John 3:16-36. I have a few PRAISE REPORTS TOO. You are in our prayers too. You all have a GREAT DAY(psalm 118:23-24)(psalm 27) (psalm 91)(psalm 84:11)(Isaiah 26:3)(Isaiah 40:28-31)(Jeremiah 29:11-14)(Isaiah 53)(Isaiah 54:4-8, 17) and Joshua 1:6-9 & psalm 23, psalm 139.
Thank you very much


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