by Sandra ()

I am standing in the need of prayers for everyone including myself. We are in need of prayers for health, hope and healing. We also need prayers for forgiving others whom have wounded or harmed us or hurt us or the enemy used them to destroy us in every way that he could. I, myself, struggle with
forgiving others whom have wronged me in many areas of my life from childhood to my now adulthood. I have a tendency to struggle with fear & anxiety as well as worry, guilt & shame as well as lies from the enemy or within myself. I need a lot of prayers in those areas too and surrendering & taking every thought captive to the OBEDIENCE OF CHRIST(OUR LORD & OUR SAVIOR). Please pray for me non-stop. Please continue to pray for everyone it applies.

Please pray for me. I desperately need your prayers to overcome an unforgiving spirit that is not who I am in Christ and do not want to become( a resentful, annoying, angry, bitter person) which I am not but I am afraid of becoming and I do not want that at all because it is an ugly trait for a Child of GOD. Please continue to pray for all of our youth here in America and around the globe, especially those under the age of 40. Please continue to pray for( all of my loved ones & all of my friends, and my church family & everyone else). Please continue to pray for everyone broken in many ways(that is all of us in some way or another), the homeless, the needy, THE LOST, those whose faith is not strong, as well as our persecuted churches around the globe especially hot spot areas where there is extreme persecution going on(Asia, Africa, Middle East, or areas in this world as well). Please continue to pray for marriages that are in trouble or that are beyond broken that only GOD can HEAL or INTERVENE. Please pray for those who are LONELY, DEPRESSED or suffering in many ways(physical, mental, or emotional or spiritual) due to spiritual warfare or maybe some sin or sins. ONLY GOD CAN HELP US TOTALLY.
Please continue to pray for those whom are ill with many diseases or the current virus or other or afflictions, or infirmities. Please continue to pray for families, relationships, & single people, widowed, divorced, separated, estranged, or distant some type of way. Please continue to pray for everyone in this world from A to Z. Please continue to pray for our first responders, our military, our healthcare teams, essential workers as well as non-essential workers too as well as their loved ones. Please continue to pray for our places of employment(everyone from A to Z). Please continue to pray for all of our leaders especially those who are of the FAITH(worldwide). Please continue to pray for those who are addicted to any substances(drugs or alcohol or either various sexual addictions) that are destructive and destroying their lives. EVERYONE needs a lot of prayers.
Thank you very much
Prayer warrior In Christ Jesus( Our Lord & Our Savior)Jesus Christ(John 3:16-36).
P.S. I have a few prayer breakthroughs or shout outs in regards to answered prayers from THE LORD.

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