by Kim ()

I am asking prayers for quite a few things. I am a single mom and widow. I rent a home that is too small for my family and needs a lot of repairs. I have severe arthritis and herniated disks in my lower back that are causing much pain and inability to walk for long periods of time. I am only 43. I am in need of medical bills paid off, other small debts paid off. I work two jobs. My second job is physically hard due to my herniated disks and severe arthritis. I am needing to lose weight to help with this issue as well. There are some relationships that need healing in my family. My daughter is severely depressed. She needs much prayer to have joy back in her life. I want to be able to send them to college and financially the money is not there. I pray my girls are able to obtain grants and scholarships to pay for college which is only a couple of years away. I am $400 behind on my rent due to some unexpected expenses. I want so badly to own my own home with more space so we are not so cramped up in our tiny home. All of these things are weighing so heavy on my heart. I am tired, in pain, and need hope and encouragement and will power to lose the weight. I need a raise at my main job that covers what I make at my second job so I can take better care of my back problems. I need healing. I want to get out and exercise and walk for weight loss but I am unable to go very far due to the pain and pressure in my lower back. I’m overwhelmed by the responsibility of being a single widowed parent. Everything is on me. My kids need to go to dentist appointments and I have doctors appointments. The demands are so high. I want a husband to spend my life with. I’m too young to be alone for the rest of my life. Much prayer is needed.

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