Health, Happiness and Prosperity….

by Barbara L Laney ()

I’d like to ask for your Prayers to lead my life to be of help to others and to help others find GOD and the Bibles word. I have an inner feeling in my heart that Jesus is talking to me and telling me to serve in HIS name. I need for my good health to continue and happiness so I have WILL to do so which may sound selfish, and I do apologize for that. I’m not a selfish person by any means. I’d give the shirt off my back to help others in need. I want to be able to feed the poor and try to minister to the little children and adults as best I can. I’ve learned a lot by going to Church and reading everything I can get my hands on to learn more about The Lord and HIS WORD. We can all learn from each other as well. I need Prayer for Prosperity as well. I want to open a little place that people can come and eat and listen to Bible stories for the young on up to whoever wants to participate. I’d love to be able to have a place for the little ones to lay their heads at night and not be scared. I want them to know that Jesus is with them always and there’s no need to be scared. I want all of the people to feel safe and become happy and have good health. I PRAY FOR ALL THE HELP I CAN GET IN ORDER TO MAKE MY DREAM OF HAVING A GODLY SANCTUARY FOR PEOPLE TO COME TO. They can then go when their ready and spread THE WORD OF THE LORD that they’ve been taught. Blessings to All….AMEN

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