Health for my baby and me

by Karen ()

I’m 6 weeks and 1 day pregnant with a previous miscarriage so the last trauma keeps coming up. I have been spotting/bleeding for 11 days straight. Last week I did labs and the doctor said everything looked good but since then I had 2 episodes of really bad cramping and even some blood clots. I’m feeling much better physically but the spotting continues and it’s scary and emotionally draining. The doctor said there is nothing to do but to monitor for now. I have my next appointment next Wednesday and I’m praying it’s all okay and we could hear the heartbeat. I keep
reminding myself there are many women who spot during their first trimester and they go on to have healthy babies but the trauma from my previous miscarriage and the 2 episodes of cramping and blood clots really scare me. And to top it off I’m what they consider high risk pregnancy because of my age, I’m 42, so my pregnancy in of itself is a blessing and a miracle as the doctor said I only had a 5% chance of getting pregnant naturally yet it happened fairly quickly. I’m not a mom and always dreamed of being a mom, so this is my dream being fulfilled but also so scared it will all be ripped away from me again. I’ve been praying non stop and it’s really given me much more peace at times but my mind sometimes just goes back to the fear. Please help me pray that we can hear a heartbeat next Wednesday, that the baby is healthy and that I can have the blessing to carry out this pregnancy healthy and the honor to hold my healthy baby in my arms in 34 more weeks. To finally have the gift of being a mom. TIA 🙏🏼

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