Health and Healing is From the Lord

by A C (Usa)

Dear Lord Jesus, In your infinate mercy and grace, please protect me; give me courage; give me joy and peace; Heal me and comfort me. Bind up my wounds. Help me to be complete. Strengthen me and give me peace. Free me from guilt. Lift up my saddend heart. Set a guard around me. Help me to speak words of kindness. Give me freedom to do your will. Give me hope; Cast out satan from before me. Take away my pain. Care for me in your loving peace.

Cure me of disease. Guard my tongue. Keep my feet on the right path. Set my feet on solid ground. Guide my ways, and let me seek righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Help me to obey your laws. Be my guiding light. Guard the door of my heart. Give me a pure heart. Surround me with your peace. Cast out my fear. Free me from the evil one. Be ever near to me. Lead me in a straight path. Be my guide. Direct my ways. Protect me from the evil one.

Give me strength to face each moment of the day. Free me out of the bondage of sin. Heal my broken heart. Bind up my wounds. Lead me not into temptation. Cast me not away from thee. Hold me in thy loving grace. Surround me with holy angels. Forgive me for all my sins. Wash me and make me clean. Help me to forgive others. Lead me to the door. Lead me to the heavenly home. Amen

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