Healing/Restoration [to wholeness & freedom) from strongholds of captivity

by Nicholas Fala ()

Struggled with self condemnation for many years. Received my Salvation & sonship, but had strongholds in my mind (chains holding me captive in a prison in my mind from my past). Had learnt religiosity, legalism, striving rather than living by Grace and love & Rest & Peace. Fear was a major enemy. My identity as a child & son of God through my Faith &Trust in Christ Jesus was damaged (my FULL ACCEPTANCE of GOD’s FORGIVENESS of my sins & my acceptance that God by His Grace had accepted me JUST AS I AM IN CHRIST (with my strongholds) was damaged feeling God had rejected me or wasn’t fully ACCEPTING ME JUST AS I AM OR TOTALLY ONLY FOR ME but that God was regularly angry or dissatisfied with me (a religious Pharisee God without Grace) even though I had received revelation of God’s personal & perfect love for me. Restoration (to wholeness) were words from Holy Spirit (Restoration in my wholeness in my relationship with God (damaged trust) and wholeness mentally, emotionally and in my heart (breaking of strongholds in attitudes/thought patterns causing captivity & bondage), Especially wholeness of my identity – identity in Christ Jesus most important.
I have a heart of Fear; And also Fear of rejection. Negative rather than positive thinking.
Trustworthy prophecies of Isaiah 60:1; & Joel 2:25-26; also the word ‘Restoration’ [to wholeness] seen Spiritually written across my forehead by a trustworthy Pastor with gift of prophecy (who I had not spoken a word to about my problems), have not come to completion yet (spoken of in Philippians 1:6).
Thank you very much with all my heart for your prayers, as I can see healing/Resoration & renewal of my mind (thoughts & emotions) is rolling in process more & more especially during this season of 2020.

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