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My request:

Divine intervention/Act of God for me and my family.

I first give him thanks and praise for all that he’s has done for me and my family but I also give him praise and thanks just for who he is. I am blessed and highly favored, I can say that confidently; there is nothing that I have ever ask the lord that he has not given/provided for me. Although I am blessed and highly favored, this season is heavy one I’ve never experienced before. I ask that he intervene divinely/supernaturally and give US REST. My mother is 59 years old today and it’s such a blessing to see her see it, since a brain tumor almost took her out last year – but he made a way, he did a miracle. I pray that she continue to be happy but to keep her joy As he has given her another chance at life to share the good news of what he did for her with others, so that they too may believe. My younger brother who’s 19 – bright young man that hasn’t made the best decisions, has found himself in jail for a year. He has a lot of anger in his heart/mind (stemming from before him going to jail) I pray that God changes his heart/mind for the better, renew him to see things differently, to come out a better man. Also to protect him while he is in there and keep him safe in all ways….I love my brother soo much, I pray that one day he love me back the same. For me I am 28 and have had to play husband and father at such a young age – I ask that the Lord restore me mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I have always wanted the best for everyone and others, to the point that I believe he has placed me here in this earth to be a help and resource to others; to serve others, which I am honored. but I feel like somewhere I’ve neglected myself to the point it has now taken a toll on me mentally/physically – doctor(s) have told me that I am healthy and that it’s anxiety/mental…..I know that he is a healer and that it is his will for us to be WELL in health. I pray and ask him to do the impossible for ME, to continue on in helping and supporting others (family/friends/whomever HE needs me to)

In Jesus name I pray amen.

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