by Isaiah Pillow ()

I want to first thank god for letting me live another day to have food ,clothes shoes on my back . It has blessed me and I am very thankful . I want to come to god and ask him to forgive me for sins I’ve committed. And I am truly sorry I want to come to you god and say I’m sorry and please forgive me did Repentance. I recently just got out of realtionship. And I heard god can heal broken realtionship but it takes time I would like to grow more closer to god and maybe other things will fall in place . But I’m asking god to heal me from this breakup and my mind body and soul heal my depression and anxiety god . And god I know I committed Adultery in the realtionship I was in and I take full responsibility of it as a man . But I’m asking you god every body make mistakes god I really loved this women I really truly did yes we have made mistakes I did I will be the first to admit but allow us to change god allow us to work on our self god . Please change her way of thinking god . Please heal her also god . And if it’s you’re will god you will bring us back together god . Because you knows what’s best god but I ask you god can u heal our realtionship but foremost I want one with you first to get even closer god

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