Healing Prayers For My Friend

by Tamiko Holling ()

My friend Barbara was born with spinal bifida & she has been in & out of hospitals most of her life. I was 15 she was 13 when we met & we instantly became best friends. She has always been more like a sister to me she always has been there for me. Now I’m 45 she’s 43, she still has my back. Well she is in the hospital right now due to an infection that she has had most of her life & throughout the years has grew slowly. But most recently the infection has quicken it pace & is spreading in her body fast. She just had surgery that removed some of her stomach where the infection was at. There is still a good amount still in her, if she didn’t get the surgery she could’ve perished, but the poison that is still in her is putting too much pressure on her heart. I’m asking for prayers of healing, that will flush her body from the infection that has a massive hold on her. She is my best and only friend I have, I lost my dad 5 yrs ago I don’t want to loss her too. I can’t even visit her due to the Coronavirus aka Covid-19 virus panic that is occurring now. Please pray for her body to be rid of all the poison & sicknesses in her body. Thank you.

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