Healing Prayer to make viral infection go away in Jesus Name

by Nicole Jerome Y. Agaceta (Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines)

Lord, Heavenly Father,

I come to you to ask forgiveness. I commit all my sins and I made a mistake that I feel embarrassed and ashamed of myself. I repent all of them my Lord. Wash me and cleanse me to be whole and to change my ways into good ones. Lord, I also forgive the others who make my life miserable. I command all the sufferings, pain, and bad energy cause by the viral infection to go away right now in Jesus Name. The devil will not conquer me. God will protect me and my life will be restored upon my faith and to believe that By His stripes I am healed. Fill me up with your Holy Spirit to take care of my body as the Temple of God, to take away all bad happenings in my life. God is supreme that He will do by His will to heal me and make feel better. Everything is possible by God in Jesus name I pray,Amen.

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