Healing prayer for the sick and lost mind.

by Wakisha (Cameron, Nc)

Heavenly father whom is the healer of all even the lost mines who have lost there way repeatly. I ask that you heal theree mind body n soul so that they can know you and your mercy, that in the time of forgetfulness you are always there see them thou and the time of pain and discomfort you give them peace of mind n comfort help seek you always no matter the trails they face be there guidents along the way.

The bible said ask and ye shall receive, Im asking for a new start a new sheet to show others n learn as I grow in you a peace of mind and a delivering from this pain and headaches and the feeling of worry stress and the unknown but to know you have this and all is in your hands and you thing will be ok becouse you are god over all humanity. AMEN AMEN

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