Healing Prayer for my loved husband

by Yulduz (Katy, TX, USA)

Dear Lord, how endlessly grateful we are that You came as our Healer. Thank you for mercifully understanding how much we need Your healing hand. We ask you Your healing touch upon the bodies of all people in the world who are struggling with diseases and pains every day.

We ask your miraculous help to each person suffering from pains and asking You to help him heal him and relieve him of his disease. We ask Your healing touch and Your healing blessings upon the body of my husband. He needs Your miracle blessings and Your healing him of Hodgkin Lymphoma cancer.

We know and we believe that Your healing love and touch will heal so many people and my husband completely. Dear Lord, thank you that You see our hearts and hear our prayers. Dear Lord, there is Healing in Your name and we believe that You are our Healer!

I praise You, Lord, for all Your promises of safety, protection and healing. In the name of Jesus Christ, our Healer, we choose to believe Your Word and have faith in You and Your Power to Heal!!! Amen!