Healing prayer for my Dad

by June (Stouffville, Ontario, Canada)

Lord Jesus I lift up my father Carroll to you Lord and ask for complete healing from his cancerous tumor that is on his leg. Place your healing hand on him Lord and eradicate the cancer from his body. Send it back to the pit of hell where it came from. We trust you Lord for miraculous healing and for remission.

We declare that he is healed, he is healthy, strong, free from disease, free from worry and will be able to walk again. Cover him with your blood Lord, encamp at his bedside and give him comfort and peace and an assurance that you are with him and healing him. Extend the days of his life by years and years heavenly father.

Give us wisdom to know what to do and how to help him. Send resources to assist him Lord and may our prayers for his healing be multiplied by the thousands. Give him strength and hope and a will to live. We place our trust in you for his recovery because you are the ultimate healer. In Jesus name Amen.