Healing Prayer for husband and parents

by Rochelle ()

Dear Our Father Jesus Christ. Our merciful loving Father. Thank you for all the blessings we receive everyday. Thank you for our lives though challenging at this moment, we are still breathing. Thank you that we have faith in You. Forgive us Lord Jesus Christ if our faith is wavering, especially me when the going gets rough instead of turning into You. Forgive me God. Please send us the Holy Spirit to always guide us and remind us to hold fast in our faith everyday though life is smooth especially when it’s challenging.
Nothing is impossible to you o Lord God Jesus Christ. You raise Lazaruz from the dead, the bleeding lady healed just by touching the hem of your clothes the leper you healed. I know and believe from the bottom of my heart you will heal my husband Virgilio Torres, remove and cast away the cancer cells in body and get rid of all the pain he is feeling right now. Pain on his back, his side, his chest, his mouth due to canker sore, his cough snd plugged up nose, his cramps and all these sickness invading his body will be healed and all his organs will function normally again.
For my dad Divino Pacana, I know and believe that he will recover from cardiac arrest in the hospital. He will be able to wake up and breathe on his own and talk and eat and walk again and will be with us a little bit longer and his urine and bladder will stop bleeding and his covid and pneumonia will be healed and all his organs will function normally again and the cancer cells in his body will be cast away.
For my mom Alicia Pacana, to be healed of whatever sickness she has in her body, her kidneys, diabetes and all organs to heal and for her to be strong for whatever plans you have for daddy.
For my whole family including me, to be strong and never waiver and hold fast in our prayers and believe in You, our Lord Jesus Christ and heal us all physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically.
We fervently ask all of these from the bottom of our hearts in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ, our Lord and our God. Amen.

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