Healing power over my mother and my family

by Lionel (South Africa)

Oh Lord, have mercy on us, most speciality my mother, I know she has not been up to the standard you have set us to live for You but you are merciful I want you to forgive her sins whatever she has done bad in her life. she is into deep suffering my Lord and she is in need of your healing power. Lord I am making a big commitment for my life and the one of my children this oath I am taking today is between You and me because I know I can trust in You. I love my mother, my family. I do not want her to go with such suffering it is too much for her. that is why God I make this oath that me and all my generation will work for you and recognise you in every moment in their lives because of what You will do for my mother currently in deep suffering. This oath is to serve You, recognise and live a life of You. Heal her from this moment, release Your healing power upon her my God, may Your healing power be upon her. I promise to never lie anymore, to make myself available to You and to pay my dim as due my Lord. This oath also concerns my family, we need your guidance, protect all the people I love the most. Proctect us from evil doings. I know You have listened to my prayers but above all let Your will be done, because you are the migthy. I cannot put in doubt what you have done for us especially for me.

Thank you my Lord thank you. Help mam Blessing find peace and love and a new beginning.
Thank You for answering my prayers.

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