Healing Of Our Nation, Father Heal us

by A C (Usa)

Dear Lord Jesus, You have given many blessings to our nation in the past. Our Founding fathers depended on you Lord when they crossed the expanse of the ocean . Their travels were long, the winds and the water were rough at times, and while they were on the waters, the new immigrants must have wondered what they would find when they reached the nation called America. Our founding fathers depended on you Lord, many steps of their way. They depended on the Lord to keep them safe on their travel to their destination.

They planted their first crops here in America, and they depended on just the right amount of sunshine, and just the right amount of rain for their crops to grow. They looked to you Lord for every blessing you gave to them and they thanked the Lord for all the gifts. This nation was truly blessed and they called it the One Nation Under God. For every thing that our ancestors endured Lord, they must have known that you Lord were watching over them ,to lead then ,to guide them through the night , with the light , from above. Many times the road was rough and rocky , but they carried on with strength from the Lord. Dear Lord Jesus, America has been truly blessed, and let us never forget that it was You Lord that gave the blessings, it is You Lord that gives strength to carry on.It is You Lord that has lit the way, And it is You Lord that we must depend on.

If we here in America, forget where we came from , If we leave you out of our childrens learning in the schools then what would we have left in America. It was because of You Lord that we got here, It is because of You Lord that we here in America are still surviving. You Lord have given us just the right amount of sunshine and just the right amount of rain to help the crops grow and we still depend on You for every Blessing that you send us.Help us to see this truth Lord . Help us never to forget that it is You Lord that we must depend.

Dear Lord heal our thoughts, heal our minds and help us never to forget You, and dear Lord may you send more blessings to America. Heal our nation dear Lord and may God Bless America.

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