healing of my father’s lung cancer and respiratory failure and my son’s autism

by David (Las Pinas City Philippines)

Lord God, I pray for the recovery of father from his lung ailments. He has been bed ridden and confined in the hospital for quite some time now. And my eldest son diagnosed with autism. I almost lost sight of you until i opened up the Bible. A man once said to you that If you will him to be healed, he’ll be healed. Please Lord, be the Divine Physician and healer of my dad and son. You’re the One and True Doctor. Send them your Holy Spirit and envelope them with your love and healing touch. Touch my father’s body that he may have strength. Blow life-giving air into his mouth and nostrils that his lungs be completely renewed. Touch my son’s head that he’ll be as normal as other children of his age are.

Thank you my Lord.

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