Healing of My cats,Finance. Protection and Guidance to America, MBA certfication, tourism job

by Bonita (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

Dear Mother Mary, Thank you so much for helping me all this while.Please asks Jesus to make His signs more clear. Please help my Sweety, Goldie to get adopted, and intercede to Jesus to heal Sweety,Prince,Romeo,Hero& Pirate & keep all my cats healthy.Thank You for helping me get Romeo sterilized.Teach my cats to urinate&pass stools in the mud,the staircase & make them to stay in my building Pass me in my Entrepreneurship exam,give me my MBA certification soon, give me a tourism job near my house with a fixed sat-sun off and 18k starting salary &punish that sir he wants to always get physical with girls, show him the Power&Justice of Your Son Jesus Christ and Yours too.Make me to get up early in the morning,go by bus everday to work & save money.make her husband to see and stop their mihika for interfering with me Please make my neighbour Renita her family so busy that they accidently dont pass by my fly and visa versa. Please dont allow a big commotion to take place bcaz of my father and Jesus Please take charge of the situation Make both the families not to cross each other or even meet each other.Bless me with alot of wealth& make Your Signs more clear. Help me to pay my dads money back&never ask money from him again. Help me to do the fashion designing, fower&caking making,how to play the violin&earn from these skills&help me to buy a new mobile for me, a tablet, a laptop&a microwave.Guide me to a good place in America with the best airline to take cats in cabin and with a good tourism job, with a good place on rent andbuy my dream home. Bless my friends Laura, Tonya, Peggy, Maggie, Irene, Amy, Fr. Gilbert,Lybia ,Kelly, Kerry, Kim, Inette, Joan, Rosie,Valarie,IsadoraJeson&Aaron(give these boys their dream job) &heal Mitzie(she has very low blood pressure&heart rate) all those who have helped me.Please help me

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