Healing of my brother’s family

by Sharon (Trinidad)

Dearest Father, I offer up this prayer for my brother who has been encountering some problems with his children during these past few months. I pray that their homes will become a fortress manned by love, kindness and consideration among all of them.

I prayer that his children will realize that he only wants what best for them and for they to live in a loving and respectable relationship with one another. I pray that they will resolve all the issues and conflict that are currently upon them. I pray that all bitterness will be removed and they will learn to live in love, peace and harmony and will look out for one another.

I pray for my brother’s peace of mind as I know it’s not easy for him to see the discord among his children. I pray that you will visit their home with your gentle presence so that they may evermore be knit together in peace and with love. In Jesus name I offer up these prayers, Amen.