Healing of loss memory

by La Shand James (Brooklyn NY)

When you doing the right thing for you love on and everything turn out so wrong with the blink of an Eye. My love one were in severe pain and I took him to a hospital so he could receive the proper care . I have known of this place for many years and he were feeling good about it. He trusted I were doing the right thing. However , after we arrived at this place I told him not to worried . Gave his medical history and made them aware he were in severe pain greater than 10 on a scale. need to say thing be appropriate. He told me I can not take this severe pain his blood pressure increasing , heart rate were dropping. I notified the nurse of his medical history and she told me he had to wait for 4hr. to be seen by the doctor. And that turned to 5hrs still no doctor in site. My love one told me to get me out they are going to let me die. I had to take his to another Hospital where he were admitted and had surgery. That were very up-setting to me.

Needless to say I reported it to two of the head people and nothing got done.
Ever person has a right to report a like of care if they are unhappy with the service. My poor love one had worn me for months to find another job.
because they were going to pay me back by firing me, It were not a day went by he did worry about me been fired from and he felt like it were because of him.After sever months I went back to work and my love one were right. their has been many dark clouds hanging over us.

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