Healing Of All Issues

by Jan (Long Island, NY)

When I wake up the pain is there, when I lay down the pain is there. My family suffers with me and all around me, there are days when I am strong.

There are other issues that plague me, Money and the struggle of raising children under stress. My spouse does not understand money issues, my spouse does not understand raising children nor does my spouse understand my illness ( instead uses it to his advantage ).
I am under such money stress, and hiding the stress of money issues that it is making my healing slow and regressive. My life has spun out of control and I can not seem to catch up. I do side work of art projects and I can not seem to make the money to get out of the red. Please prayer for me I am not one to ask I usually just deal with this on my own.
thank you and I wish for all to get the help and guidance they need.

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