Healing of a broken relationship

by Tina (Michigan)

Lord I ask that you heal my partner and my broken relationship. It has ended abruptly lord only to leave hard feelings and broken hearts. Please lord I ask of you to help us to forgive each other and to be joined in love again with your blessing. You say in the bible lord to ask and you shall receive according to our faith. I believe lord that you will heal us show us in our hearts how to forgive each other, forget bad times and build new memories. Lord we are good people and we love you and need you at this time. Please show me lord your great blessing that I ask of you in my time of need and place us in each others heart again.. Open our hearts to each other and help us to sit down and talk it out and give us the ability to join hands and work this out together. He said he loves me lord and I told him I still loved him. Please answer my prayer father I am your daughter and I need you.

In Jesus name i pray


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