Healing my family

by G Smith (Ohio)

I have been praying for my family to be reunited. Troy and myself broke up May 2009. We have seen each other on and off since then we talk and though our conversations we still care for one another but because worldly friends kept influence us to leave one another we broke our family up.I need God to enter into our situation and cover us with the blood of Jesus and let no man take away what God has put together and give this family the love we once and still desire and not let the attacks from the enemy to have victory over our lives.

We are more the conquerors though Christ Jesus, I know that nothing is impossible for God, so I petitioning we some strong prayer warriors to stand with me and pray that God will unite my family,give us back the love and strength we need to reunite and stay strong and also pray that God we lead this family to worship him and know him as our Lord and savior. I pray that God touches each and everyone whom is praying for my family to be brought back together to strenghten your lives and that he touches areas of your lives with healing and deliverence.

I don’t now each individual that will read and pray for my family but I trust that God will intercede and bless those who reaches out for others needs,God has spoken to me on several occasions and I believe that he hear and answer our prayers we must trust in him..I WANT to challenge all viewers of this site to take a minute and thank God and if you need him to forgive you for anything take the time right NOW and ask him to enter into your heart.

I pray that God pours out a blessing that we can not contain I pray that God touches us from the top of our head to the soles of our feet and that we stand up right now and redeciate our lives to him.I claim victory in Jesus’s name.

Lord lift us up, elevate us to the next level to repent of those things that is not expectable in your eyes,guide us LORD TO LIVE THE LIFE THAT you have for us. In the mighty and wonderful name of Jesus.

Amen and amen