Healing my body your temple with the right foods

by Angela (Canada)

Heavenly Father I come before you for your guidance and blessing upon me. I am not very healthy. I eat a lot of unhealthy food. I keep gaining weight. I feel awful. I have no strength, no stamina. I am weak Jesus. Please put it in my heart and in my mind to eat only foods that nourish and cleanse my body so I can be strong and healthy to do your will father. I have not been taking care of this body you gave me Jesus. Please pray with me brothers and sisters in Christ that this addiction to food be gone in the name of Jesus. Cleanse me father. Fill me with your Holy Spirit and not with food. Heal my body Jesus. I don’t feel very well. All I do is eat eat eat and sit sit sit. Please Jesus heal me of this polyp on my uterus and of my prolapsed bladder. I know I can help all this by losing weight. As of tomorrow, with your help Heavenly Father, thru your son Jesus I will take control of my unhealthy eating and I will cleanse my body of all the bad I have put in it. Give me the will power Jesus. Take all my cravings away Jesus. Heal me Jesus. I ask this In Your Holy Name. Thank you brothers and sisters for praying with me God bless you all and May He keep you all healthy happy and full of his Holy Spirit. Amen.

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