Healing, heath restoration and finanacial break through and wisdom

by Cindy (Nairobi - Kenya)

Lord I come to you today with humility in my heart, i know you are a God who answers prayer i bring before you Oliver my boy friend who has been ailing for a while and Dennis my brother who is an addict. God i have faith that in your will heal what ails them in Jesus Name give them strength and encouragement , uplift their spirit that they may not give up .. Lord you declared ask and you shall receive, I know ask for there healing through you and i believe this is possible you are no human who breaks promises and theretofore i believe. Amen

Lord i also come to you for financial break through , guidance, strength and wisdom, Lord I pray that when you give me this break through, because i know you will, I will use it for the purpose it is intended for paying bills and debts and not be tempted to spend it on what it was not intended for. I believe in Jesus name Amen