Healing from sickness and freedom financial burden

by JG (PN)

I am head of family and caring for a younger brother, 55 years who is on ventilator and needs 24/7 professional care. He has Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD), got infected with Pseudomonas aeruginosa while in the ICU for almost half a year. His medical care bills have exploded and income is only half of the amount needed to keep him alive. I have outstanding bills in the hospital, doctors, ventilator company and have taken loans to sustain treatment as well as maxed out credit cards. I have three well meaning people who lent me money but I need to return between February and March 2018. I am earning well with a full time but non permanent job in a college and consultancy on the side but with these medical bills, I’m earning only half of what is needed per month to maintain medicine, professional carer and overhead. On top of this is I am paying for school for child I adopted and then the living expenses.I am scrimping on gas and all living expenses to the minimum. I am in a very, very tight financial situation. I have daily bills for services by the carer and ventilator fees. This I have not paid for the last 15 days. I am praying for manna in the form of a permanent management level / research job (despite my close to retirable age) with bigger rate than what I am recieving now. I am a hard worker. Can do very long hours. I even hope of winning the lotto ( I hope God will allow it) and praying as well to sell a property to a buyer who will give employment to those affected by the sale. This is a long wish–healing –physical and financial– I am humbly asking. God said ” Ask and you shall recieve, seek and you shall find…” Please pray for me and those who are in the same situation as I am. I need urgent reply from Heaven with all the Saints Amen.

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