Healing from Myeloma Cancer

by Sandra (United Kingdom)

I have been battling cancer. Multiple Myeloma (a cancer ofor the plasma cells) for nearly 7 years since the birth of my second child who will be 7 in November. I pray for complete healing from this disease that Doctors tell me there is no cure for. I long to see my children grow up. We have struggled and fought for a long time. My children have never experienced a normal life without hospitals or a mom who can care for them fully. They older child was 4 years old when I was diagnosed with this disease, she has been fortune to remember her mom well (she is now 11) it saddens me to see my children living in fear as the worry that each hospital admission will be my last. My hearth bleeds with the burden and hope. I know that the Lord has the power to turn our family life around and restore me. I pray for God’s healing over this little family. If this is not God’s will I pray that their father can change his ways a take care of them as a loving father. Their father and I separated when my son was one years old, due to his abusive nature. I know God has the power to change him and I live in hope. So please Lord release me from this pain and suffering that I have gone through the last 6 1/2 years destroy this cancer take away my pain. Let me be a mother to my children. There is so much I could say about my condition but God knows my needs I live in hope. Amen