Healing from cancer and other diseases for my husband Virgilio G Torres

by Rochelle ()

Praise to You Father Jesus Christ. Thank You for living us unconditionally that you died on the cross for us to forgive us our sins.
Please forgive us for sins we committed. Please forgive us.
I am praying for miracle Lord Jesus Christ. I am praying for my husband to be healed of his stage 4 lung cancer. It is impossible in human effort and understanding but nothing is impossible with You who created heaven and earth and all of us. I have been praying fervently to my husband’s healing o Lord Jesus Christ that I am committing a sin if doubt. I am a weak human and I pray for your guidance and help and assistance. Please let not my faith waver; please let me not doubt you. Please heal my husband Virgilio. Please make him strong emotionally, physically, psychologically and most of all, spiritually. I know your will be done and I pray from the bottom of my heart to please will it that my husband be healed. Please will it that all the cancer cell in his body will die at the roots and never ever come back. Please will it that he will live longer life to dedicate it to you. Please will it my Lord and my God. I am so desperate right now. Trying to be strong for my husband but I am so hurting.
I n the event that You will for him to be with you in heaven, please let him be without pain. Take him peacefully but please please please Lord God Jesus Christ, extend his life as he requested and take away all the sickness in his body. I don’t know what the result of the test the doctors are doing right now but whatever the result, may my husband be able to endure the treatment. I know you will be with him every step of the way, every second of his life. I know you will not forsake him. I know the devil will not succeed. I believe and have faith in You O Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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