Healing friendship

by Candice Newkirk ()

I am going through a very bad depression for while now because my bad dreams again.I had a migraine Thursday and Friday for two days,on Thursday I sent weird messages didn’t make no sense emojis,things like for example I sent a message to my friend/roommate at job corps and who is like a sister to me her name is Alex and a other message to friend name is Rachel saying who are you? I went to the urgent care yesterday the doctor said yes I having a very bad migraine and become dissociation due all pain with migraine makes sense why I sent weird messages.My friend Alex sent a card me saying thank you everything I have did for her and how much means to her a lot including the stuff I do help her.I try explain to her what doctor said and thank you her for card.I an tell she is very upset,hurt,sad, and being cold with me.We have been roommates for almost one year at job corps.I am very depressed about what happened felt so bad and guilty about what I did.I want to fix this and don’t want to lose her and our friendship.I felt like I am losing her but I don’t want her to her and our friendship she means a lot to me.I am trying to give her time and space even though it’s very hard for me don’t know what’s going to happen and my head wondering around with everything has happened and our friendship and what could happen won’t stop.I told her I still want to be friends, roommates and sisters with Alex.Asking her can we fix this please? She doesn’t say anything about it so I can tell she is hurt and being cold with me.I don’t want to lose our friendship and everything due this.I am really hoping and praying what I am feeling and about our friendship doesn’t end and that God can save our friendship and touch her heart.She goes to church too and lives 3 hours away from me.The doctor give me me medicine for my stomach and shot for my migraine I am feeling better from migraine today but same time I am depressed still don’t know going to happen my friend Alex and my friendship.I know if we are still friends she is going to be very cold with me because she has told me if she does let someone back into her life she is very cold with them and doesn’t same with them.Please pray for me and my friend Alex’s friendship and God soft her heart and everything works out and she doesn’t get cold with me.She is a real friend to me.

Thank you so much I really appreciate you praying more than you know right now.

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