Healing for the Physical and More

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I have a hard time finding words to pray and to express things cause of my mental health issues and things are so overwhelming for me it’s hard to think. But I’ll try my best. I’m suffering cause of a lot of physical issues due to my mental health hindering me from living my life and taking care of myself. I just had a serious thing happen to one of my teeth which are already bad and embarrassing and humiliating for me. It’s so noticeable, it’s horrible. And it was already hard to eat, smile, and live, and now it’s worse. Right now, I can’t afford to fix this tooth or really anything else. Finding a solution would be hard/burdensome, and I really don’t like the looks of the options on things. It looks so bleak. It would be a huge blow to me…and I already am down and have ridiculously low self esteem. Please Jesus, I wish I could just…touch your robes and be healed and restored. To be able to move on to wellness and what I need to do and be able to take care of myself and other things and people in my life, like my mom and dad and two of my friends. Please help me with these burdens and be there for me. Forgive me where I’ve messed up and help me with my faith, especially right now where I’m afraid and so weak. I’m so sorry… Help me and guide me through. Please respond to me, I am admittedly so scared you won’t, and I’m sorry for that. Heal and restore this tooth, heal and help my whole body with it’s issues so it’s at least manageable if not more, it’s up to you. And take care, heal, and help my mind and my life. I don’t feel worthy and right asking all this, so I feel really vulnerable about it… But please, do this if you are willing and able, and help me see a hopeful path and light the way. And thank you for what I do have. I need you Jesus. Please help me. Amen.

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